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We offer a variety of infrared asphalt heater repair. Drive down any major highway and the first area of failure is the joint or seam. Pothole spray patching machine uses a unique method to repair potholes, alligator cracking, shoulder problems, utility cuts and other pavement failures which provide long lasting repairs. Infrared pothole repair streamwood bartlett il done. The process involves heating the asphalt to a working temperature of 300 degrees, penetrating the asphalt to a depth of 3. Get a longlasting asphalt patch with pothole patching. A great reason to use infrared repairs is to reduce liability. Essential factors responsible for pothole repair cost. On the job atlantic infra new jersey atlantic infrared. The joint repair train is a hotinplace recycling unit designed and manufactured by heat design equipment incorporated. Infrared pothole repair paves the way for a more longterm fix.

Infrared, allinone, 3d pothole repair solutions on the. Infrared repair is a great option for critical repairs that dont need more extensive resurfacing or replacement. Full depth repairs will last for an extended period of time if the surface is draining properly. This was a utility cut repair that spanned the entire width of. As part of our pavement management plan services, rose paving recommends infrared repair for issues like potholes. Infrared, allinone, 3d pothole repair solutions on the rise, but the basics still rule. This is a demo repair for american water and metropolitan st. The method is especially effective for pothole patching. Using an infrared panel, we heat the pothole to soften the asphalt and rearrange its contents.

It is a continuousmotion train of infrared heaters that softens a 24inch w. Leeder construction is proud of our efforts to champion sustainability in an industry. Infrared repair machines ir heater mira1 infrared heating system ticabs mira1 is a twounit foldable infrared heating system for repair of potholes, failed pavement joints, catch basins and more. Infrared pothole repairs in new jersey parking lot armor. Temporary repairs include hot mix patching, cold patching and infrared patching. Spray patching is considered to be one of the fast and cost effective method that offers a permanent repair. Infrared heaters are truckmounted and heat the asphalt to a depth of 2 to 3 inches, which is comparable to a thin surface patch. Asphalt management infrared asphalt repair youtube. Infrared patching is a permanent repair solution that can last for years. We invite you to learn more about seamless infrared asphalt patching, an environmentally friendly, long lasting, aesthetically pleasing technology. The existing asphalt is recycled by a crew of two or three. Infrared asphalt repair why its right for your pavement.

The softened base asphalt is removed and it is replaced with hot mix asphalt. Repairing utility cuts and potholes for construction pros. The type of pothole repair used conventional methods vs infrared asphalt patching traditional methods to repair potholes include throwandroll and semipermanent pothole repairs. Asphalt patching and infrared patching repairs parking lot potholes. Donerite sealcoating, which serves the northwest suburbs and chicagoland area, is pleased to offer infrared asphalt repair and patching as another of its quality services. Preventing and repairing potholes and pavement cracks. Macchione constructions infrared paving page, a non traditional venture from a family with a lot of tradition. Infrared asphalt repair equipment is essential for professional asphalt contractors who need a fast, efficient and low cost method for repairing asphalt. Raytech infrared corp was founded in 1989 by wes van velsor. Future pothole repairing machine future road repair. Pavement solutions offers cold, hot, and infrared patching. One option for pothole patching on the go that many contractors are looking into is a spray injection pothole patching unit. Simply turn on the mini infrared unit and place it over small potholes or distressed asphalt surface areas.

Do not replace the asphalt surface, just reheat and rejuvenate it with our infrared heater. Infrared asphalt repairs are arguably the best pavement repair investment for the money. The finished pothole should form a monolithic and uniform surface with the surrounding pavement. Potholes occur when moisture penetrates cracks, the cracks increase in size, and asphalt breaks off into smaller pieces. The atlantic infrared restoration method is an excellent option for both rural and urban areas. The infrared repair process its uses and advantages.

We invite you to learn more about seamless infrared asphalt patching. Repairs to asphalt such as potholes and birdbaths repaired using a portable infrared. Many patching methods used to repair potholes offer only temporary solutions. If necessary, we add additional material to fill it in. From infrared pothole repair to complete asphalt preservation programs, prl ltd is a onestopshop for all your. This method allow you compact pothole that leads to a tighter patch and provides exceptional longevity. After over 45 years of industry experience in paving, we have decided to bring a new technology to the northeast. When should i use infrared repair for my asphalt repair. Infrared patches, pothole repairs, patching, sub grade. As compared to the old saw cut method, where a square of damaged asphalt is cut out, removed and filled with new, the infrared. To our knowledge we are the only company in the northwest suburbs that offers infrared asphalt repair. Proven asphalt patching techniques to extend the surface life.

Need pthole repair infrared asphalt repair service in pa. Many of our parttime and fulltime asphalt repair customers look for opportunities to diversify their pavement repair business which could be line striping, sealcoating, pressure washing and even patching and repairing asphalt using an infrared asphalt heater. Infrared pavement repair corporation has been servicing southwestern ontario since 1996 providing our unique technology to provide a cost effective, green approach to remediating asphalt defects and. Infrared asphalt patching is the latest technological breakthrough in asphalt maintenance. The most popular example of the technology is in pothole repair.

It is also considered as more labor intensive process and requires more equipment in order to complete the repair. The most respected name in infrared for the ultimate asphalt repair. A faster way to speed up traffic with an asphalt repair. Infrared potholes in drive lane through a strip mall. Contractors have also recognized the value and versatility of infrared repair equipment, originally introduced years ago to make surface repairs to alligatored pavement and potholes. The infrared process uses an infrared heating unit to heat inplace asphalt to soften it to a workable state, then new asphalt can be added which fuses seamlessly to the old. Asphalt recycling demonstration featuring the asphalt rejuvenator release agent spray system duration. Infared pavement repair corporation, kitchener ontario. Potholes occur when moisture penetrates the cracks in an asphalt surface.

Potholes are dangerous because they can cause damage to pedestrians and vehicles. Both of these methods are fairly quick and involve just throwing in the patch. Infrared pothole repair yearround a more permanent solution. Kasi believes this technology leads to a much more efficient and longer lasting repair of pot holes. The absolute best way to properly repair a pothole is to heat the work area, allowing the heat to penetrate from the infrared rays, rake. It is a permanent and sustainable asphalt repair process that can be used for all types of surface. Seamless repair prevents water from infiltrating settlement because the infrared restoration is made 90 days after the repair is made future settlement is unlikely cost infrared restorations are much less expensive then mill and replace repairs convenience infrared. Infrared patching involves heating up and remelting the damaged asphalt, raking and then compacting the asphalt to produce a like new asphalt patch area. By using an asphalt infrared heater, you can reuse the existing asphalt and save money by only using a fraction of new asphalt hot mix. Throw and roll patching is much more effective technique that is used to repair potholes. Now a new infrared asphalt repair technology enables city, county and state road crews to save tons of time, material and labor costs in repairing hazardous potholes, alligator cracking, failed utility cuts and. Asphalt recycling demonstration featuring the asphalt rejuvenator release agent spray. Ez pavement repair infrared asphalt repair demo for. Its also the quickest, most costeffective and most environmentally friendly way to repair most potholes.

His goal was to manufacture the most efficient and highest quality infrared equipment available to the industry. Infrared asphalt heater p200 12 sq ft for sale asphalt. Infrared pothole repair is the most costeffective, timeefficient, and environmentally friendly pothole repair method in existence. Infrared heater patching requires fewer workers and is often faster and cheaper than fulldepth patching.

Asphalt repair, paving, asphalt recycling durango, colorado. Whether its a commercial business with a large parking lot or a commercial road, potholes can cause vehicular and human damage. T he trucks are equipped with an infrared chamber that heats the existing asphalt in and around the repair area to over 300 degrees. This video begins with the infrared plate having heated the asphalt for several minutes. The process involves heating the asphalt to a working temperature of 300 degrees, penetrating the asphalt to a. Discover the uks leading supplier of innovative pavement maintenance technologies. Infrared asphalt repair is the most cost effective way to repair your asphalt paving. We have in stock new, demo and used infrared asphalt heaters by kasi, raytech, km, heat design and others. Small patching machines help solve growing pothole problem. Infrared asphalt repair equipment for sale asphalt. Chris hill july 11, 2016 the pothole is the bane of both the driver and a transportation department. Another reason to make small repairs is that asphalt is very expensive. What are the different methods of pothole repairs in toronto.

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