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Like old fashioned windmills, todays wind machines use blades to collect the. A report on wind energy june 2008 page executive summary i i. Save powerpoint presentations as pdf files office support. Can i save a powerpoint presentation as a word document or pdf. Aug 12, 2017 the wind is a byproduct of solar energy. Wind energy harvests energy from the wind and converts it into electrical power. Introduction to wind power alex kalmikov, phd mit department of earth, atmospheric and planetary sciences eaps sustainable energy 1. The committee therefore felt that the academy could make a useful contribution by setting out the engineering characteristics of the technology and exploring the implications of increasing the amount of. In march of the same year, wind energy had an instantaneous contribution of 38. The background is a light color, so printing black and white or grayscale should go easy on the ink.

All renewable energy except tidal and geothermal power, ultimately comes from the sun. Wind energy wind results from air in motion due to pressure gradient that is caused by the solar energy irradiating the earth. The method of obtaining electricity from sunlight is referred to as the photovoltaic method. Wind energy is cost competitive with other fuel sources. Safety and health in wind energy facilitator manual. Free wind energy powerpoint template advertisement wind power is one of the cleanest energy fully available in our environment, and this is a free wind energy powerpoint template that you can download to make presentations on wind energy and clean energy topics. Offshore wind turbine reliability durham university. Up to 95 percent of land used for wind farms can also be used for other profitable activities including farming, foresting, ranching. Instead of using electricity to make wind like a fan, wind turbines use wind to make electricity. This energy could be used in mechanical form or turn generator turbines and provide electricity. Wind energy applications guide technical report osti. The solar energy is the energy obtained by capturing heat and light from the sun. This chapter covers the analysis of potential wind energy projects using the retscreen international clean.

With this method, certified safety trainers will use the materials to train a oneday class of owners, managers and trainers in the wind energy business. The average levelized price of wind power purchase agreements signed in 20 was approximately 2. Wind energy is a type of energy used to make electricity, like fossil fuels or nuclear power. Pes presentation guidelines ieee power and energy society. Energy generated in a year c x turbine rating x 8760 capacity factor, c 8760. It includes an introductory section on wind energy, including wind. Wind energy is a renewable source of energy that generates no pollution and has little environmental impact. To reduce green house gas emissions generated by thermal power in the national interconnected system project objective. The department of energy s activities supporting the geothermal industry geopower americas conference, san francisco, ca february 24, 2011. The future of wind energy future of wind energy can be bright if government policies subsidize and encourage its use. These differences consequently create forces that push air masses around for balancing the.

Wind energy is a factor of three things air density dense air packs more power lower temperatures lower humidity rotor area bigger area, more power double the rotor diameter quadruple the power wind speed exponential increases in energy doubling the. There are many different ways in which the abundance of energy around us can be stored, converted, and amplified for our use. Wind energy 6 ppt file free download as powerpoint presentation. In any evaluation of energy utilization patterns in rural areas, it is noted that wind and solar energy have prepared by mr. We believe that there should be wider participation in this important debate, including more technically welleducated people such as members of the aps. This module will address issues dealing with the energy from the sun, the energy needs of students in the classroom, and ultimately our energy needs as a nation. If the presentation is not on the pes ppt template, the presenter may not. Wind turns the blades of a rotor between 10 and 25 turns per minute, a source of mechanical energy. Wind energy is one of the renewable means of electricity generation that is part of the worldwide discussion on the future of energy generation and use and consequent effects on the environment. Chart and diagram slides for powerpoint beautifully designed chart and diagram s for powerpoint with visually stunning graphics and animation effects.

Small changes in wind speed produce greater changes in the commercial value of a wind farm. Wind energy 6 ppt file wind turbine wind power free 30. Among the various nonconventional energy sources, wind energy is emerging as the potential major source of energy for growth. The background is a light color, so printing black. Sharma limitations of wind power power density is very low. C energy generated in a year turbine rating x 8760 c incorporates the availability, a availability, a1mttrmtbf, where mtbf1l capacity factor, c availability, a typical uk values onshore 27.

Strong competition worldwide to supply energy to the industrial, commercial and residential energy markets. California generates the most electricity from geothermal energy. Wind is the motion of air masses produced by the irregular heating of the earths surface by sun. Download wind energy seminar reports, abstract, pdf, ppt. Our new crystalgraphics chart and diagram slides for powerpoint is a collection of over impressively designed datadriven chart and editable diagram s guaranteed to impress any audience. Wind power wind possesses energy by virtue of its motion. Scribd is the worlds largest social reading and publishing site. Wind is the motion of air masses produced by the irregular heating of the earths. South african wind energy programme 2nd annual wind. The surface of the earth heats and cools unevenly, creating atmospheric pressure zones that make air flow from high to low pressure areas. The geysers dry steam reservoir in northern california is the largest known dry steam field in the world and has been producing electricity since 1960.

Historically, wind power in the form of windmills has been used for centuries for such tasks as grinding grain and pumping water. Wind power is the conversion of wind energy into electricity or mechanical energy using wind turbines. If the mechanical energy is then converted to electricity, the machine is called a wind generator. Technology improvements unlikely to have a major impact.

Forecasting challenges for its operational management pierre pinson abstract. For example, the european union targets to meet 25 per cent of their demand from renewable by 2012. Presentation powerpoint european commission europa eu. To help you understand the key energy sources that will play an important role in the worlds future, we have designed a number of pages to familiarize you with some of the history, theory, economics, and problems of the various types of energy. First eu directives on the internal market on electricity and natural. The committee therefore felt that the academy could make a useful contribution by setting out the engineering characteristics of the technology and exploring the implications of increasing the amount of wind energy on the electricity system. European commission, staff working document, in depth study of eu. Wind nergy enefits national renewable energy laboratory. This is already the case today for a number of european countries, closely. Using a light bulb with a known wattage, the students will illuminate the light bulb using the pv cell.

South african wind energy programme 2nd annual wind energy. About one or 2 percent of this energy is converted to wind energy which is about 50100 times more than the energy converted to biomass by all plants on earth. In may 2014, wind energy in xcel energys upper midwest territory met 46% of customers electricity needs. Therefore time has come for searching altogether other sources of energy which are inexhaustible and gradually replace the conventional sources. Ppt wind energy powerpoint presentation free to download. Wind is the worlds fastest growing energy source today the global wind power capacity increases at least 40% every. A turbine converts the kinetic energy of the wind to useful mechanical energy. Pdf on jun 9, 2018, mohammed qasim taha and others published wind energy find, read and cite all the research you need on researchgate. For example, a 1 per cent increase in the wind speed might be expected to yield a 2 per cent increase in energy production. Students will use a photovoltaic pv cell to measure the energy from the sun. Wind energys benefits and government actions 12 iv. A free powerpoint ppt presentation displayed as a flash slide show on id. Presented at the physics of sustainable energy conference. If the mechanical energy is used directly by machinery, such as a pump or grinding stones, the machine is usually called a windmill.

Presentation powerpoint eu sustainable energy week. This presentation mostly draws on a longer presentation on the. Just like in the hydropower systems, wind energy is harnessed through conversion of the wind kinetic energy to mechanical energy. Wind energy seminar report pdf ppt download also the use of conventional energy sources has increased the global pollution level which is resulting in climate change. Ppt wind energy powerpoint presentation free to view id. For each lecture, the powerpoint file is available, along with a fullcolor 4slideperpage pdf version. The other form of obtaining solar energy is through thermal technologies, which give two forms of energy tapping methods. Sherman, consultant on wind energy, at the request of the escap secretariat.

A wind turbine is a machine for converting the kinetic energy in wind into mechanical energy. Wind energy is a form of energy conversion in which turbines convert the kinetic energy of wind into mechanical or electrical energy that can be used for power. Can become cost competitive for electricity generation if fossil energy costs skyrocket. The power in the wind is extracted by allowing it to blow past moving blades that exert torque on a rotor. Saving your presentation as a pdf lets anyone view it, even if they dont have powerpoint. Notes on wind energy how do wind turbines generate electricity. Outcomes through personal and group led investigation students learn where the sun is in relation to themselves, how the sun feels, that it produces.

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